The hardest thing to do in poker is to create your own strategy and implementation plan. It is even harder to make it work long term. The thing is, no limit holdem has a lot to do with psychology. The main reasons why most players lose are because of bad decisions and bad hands.

Even if a player works on developing their own strategy and implementation plan, the fact remains that the poker game is a game of ups and downs. All players lose from time to time because of bad luck, but really good decision making and utilizing all the tools of the poker mind is the way to turn things around.

Creating Your Own Hard To Beat No Limit Holdem Poker System

If you are the type of player who likes to sit around and wait for aces, or for someone to call you, or to see the flop if your suited, than you are probably suffering from a lack of confidence in your game. So, how do you create a solid poker strategy that can one day (or already is) helping you to make the right decisions?

Simple. You have to create a false concept in your head that suits your style of play. You must convince yourself that you are a fantastic poker player who will win hands because of the way you play, or statistically never lose because of how you play.

Acceptance of this idea can be difficult to do. You will say that you are an excellent poker player with no bad cards at all. But if you are really good at what you do, you will be very good at hiding your emotions from those lousy cards.

So, if you want to be good at poker, you have to work on learning how to control your emotions. If you let your ego and pride manage your actions, it will be very difficult to make money from poker.

One way to do is to say “100% only” and then force yourself to act according to this statement. But there is a flip side. Only if you act this way will you be able to control your emotions; but if you act in any other way, you will be able to hide your emotions.

So, if you want to be good at poker, you have to work hard to overcome the psychological blocks that you might have. You have to decide if you want to be a good poker player based on worth rather than how you play.

It’s a difficult mental decision to make because you are going to want to use both types of thinking. You are going to want to fold a hand because you have a feeling it is not good, and you are going to want to make a risky play with a hand like pocket 7’s because you believe you can win big pots with them.

Choosing to make only one style of play will make it easier to win because you will have mastered only one aspect of the game. You will be better at reading your opponents, at calculating the odds, and at guessing what hand your opponents hold.

Creating Your Own Hard To Beat No Limit Holdem Poker System

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