I’ve recently been playing a new type of poker tournament variantion called All-in or Fold.

The rules are:There’s just 1 blind (called big blind). Each player starts with just one chip; it doesn’t matter how many, anyway, for these reasons: Your only options are: All-in, and Fold.

All in or fold poker tournaments are increasingly popular in both cash andfree pokersites. Why is this you may ask? Because they’re great and fun. Especially Free Poker Sites tournaments. At least, that’s what I think you’ll hear.

You’ve got the possibility to win big, either by luck or by skill. slot But the trick is to win with circumstances you’re likely to have (or, at the very least, not likely to have). In other words, call a big raise or re-raise with a hand like pocket 7’s pre-flop before the flop. If you’re up against better players than you are, chances are better they have higher cards than you. Even if you’re up against aces, remember you only have a pair. There are a lot of cards that can beat you no matter what your card stack is.

Call all-ins with less than premium hands pre-flop in any position. I would call an all-in with any ace, and possibly other low cards suited (such as 97s, 78s, 66s). You want to send a message to the table that you only play hands that are likely to pay you. If you’re called, well, you play your odds and luck some more. Sometimes you’ll win with the worst hand.

Remember, it’s okay to say “I fold” if you’re unsure about your hand.

Say for example you have AQ and the flop is 4, 5, 6. Another player bets and you just call. The turn is a 7 and you now have a pair of aces. Should you fold? I’ll give you a hint: it’s actually a pretty good one.

Almost all of the time you opponent would have to have a better hand to call you then you are to call. You also might think that you can push him off the hand if you hit the third ace, however as your opponent probably put a small raise in the pot before the flop, a 3 will probably take him to the river and there’s no way of knowing if that fifth card will give him the second pair.

If you do decide to fold, you should do so because you’re either beaten by a better hand or you didn’t make any hand that day which is the worst case scenario. Being beaten by a better hand is alright, it happens. If you’re out of chips, it’s okay because you’re not out of the tournament. However, you did lose some time and lost some money. Move on to the next game and don’t let it get you mad.

Myandering on, you can say “well played” because you did exactly what you set out to do. In poker terms, good poker is not only making money but making quality hands as well. The more you know about the game, the more successful you will be as a poker player. Additionally, know your pot odds and your draw odds, these are extremely important but not mentioned enough in most poker books. For other information try the other articles or visit their website. I always keep nodding when I read this because it brings chills down my spine, Review more poker articles here.


Free Poker Guide to All-in Or Fold Online Poker Tournaments

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