Hands like suited Ace seven or ace nine suited isn’t really playable from middle position unless you know how to take advantage of having weak hands dominated.

Many holdem tips will stress that you should play aggressively with hands like these, but that’s middle stage play and you’re very likely to be in trouble with low stacks in front of you. deposit 20 bonus 30 To make money with these hands you need to be in a position where you can take the button off your opponents if you choose to play them, or you have quite a few chips to begin with.

A usual problem with these types of hands is that people think they are good, but they aren’t really good unless they have decent odds on both outcomes. If you’ve made a pot straight, you still have a good chance of making the best hand, but you’re not guaranteed it. You might win the hand, but not the tournament. This is why people like to play a hand like ace seven offsuit in middle position, because they think they might be able to bully you out of it, and win the pot. But remember, if you’re playing a hand like ace nine suited, you’ll have a lot more chips in the right position, so you don’t want to be drawn-out on it.

Offsuit cards are also good if they are suited after a flop, but that’s about it. You really can’t get much for them other than hopefully you hit a good flop or you get outplayed when you opponent has a good hand. In my experience there are very few situations with these hands that you want to call all-in with them.

So if you don’t really ever want to see all-in with these hands, how do you play them? Well, the obvious thing is that you raise. When you play ace seven offsuit, you only have three different cards to hit, so a standard raise should be about four times the big blind or more. You want to to limit the competition you face to the best hand, so an all-in raise is a good method. If you have a middle stack, and lots of opponents who are short-stacked, then a small raise to get more money in the pot is a good idea.

These hands can also be played from the small blind, and if you have a pocket pair trying to steal the blinds, its better to play them from late position, or the button if no one before you has shown any interest in the hand. This way you can get more value for your hand, and also mix things up a bit. E.g. If there are a lot of short stacks in front of you, you don’t want to raise with your middle pair in most situations, but rather call or perhaps reraise to see if you can steal simply the blinds.

If you do hit a pair, you should try and trap your opponents a bit. resilience is important here, so you should either bet strongly after the flop and maybe even a bit of a raise on the river if your opponent is weak (this is also aTestament that premium hands can be played aggressively), or you should just smooth call with a weak hand and win a small pot. The other situation you would be better off calling is when you have a very strong hand (JJ or better) and no one else has raised. You can move all-in very frequently with the best hand. If someone reraises, you can get out of the hand and still pick up the blind. Players that limp in will not have the discipline to play AK or lower pairs aggressively, so you can get very good pot odds with weak hands in late position.

This is all well and good, but is in fact quite a low percentage of hands for AK to be playing from the small blind. Most of the time you are looking at hands like 8s or lower, or cards that you would probably fold in any other position. Hence why I always raise my small blind with pocket 4s when I am in the small blind. It doesn’t matter what happens preflop, I am receiving better than 2 to 1 pot odds on my money, so I am in a good position to make a decision on whether or not to play the hand postflop.

If you win, then you are most likely in a bit of a hurry to get your chips back into the pot since you just won a very nice pot. People naturally want to win the big pots, and with hands like AK or AQ you really want to double up, or at least get a good sized stack behind your two pair. However, you are probably in a bit of a hurry to get the money in with hands like these.

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